"My Wooden Owl Heart" Art by Gabrielle Angel Lilly, Print on Fine Art Postcards

My heart is an owl that sees through you, through time, through our many dances with clarity, with joy, with playful openness.

Original Art by Gabrielle Angel Lilly, coproduced with AI in digital playgrounds.

I'm the type of person that plays in quantum fields, chooses joy, cultivates love, and is a conduit for celebration. Join me in a song, in a silent smile, in a new type of connection.

My art comes from the intention of positive rapid transformations. I aim to foster your own unique expressions by sharing mine. We all have permission to try it a new way, design it the way that makes you smile, set those limitations loose for awhile and let your imagination run wild.

I am here to preserve something of the what I call the Wild-Wild, that spark of unbounded, infinite potential which resides in you and in me. This is owl medicine and heart medicine. It is a fusion of new and old Love Medicine. Take any amount that satisfies or soothes your soul. Leave the rest be.

Artists & fine-art connoisseurs, rejoice. These fine art postcards are made with 280gsm, fine art, giclée paper. A perfect medium to bring your artistic vision to life, in exquisite detail and color. Enjoy high image quality with professional-grade paper that is sustainably sourced and recyclable. Available in two sizes: 6'' x 4'' and 7'' x 5''.

.: 280gsm fine art giclée paper
.: Available in two sizes: 6'' x 4'' (15.2cm x 10.1cm) and 7'' x 5'' (17.8cm x 12.7cm)
.: High image quality and detail
.: Glossy finish
.: Sustainably sourced and recyclable

"My Wooden Owl Heart" Art by Gabrielle Angel Lilly, Print on Fine Art Postcards

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